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Want to go into space?

Here is our chance to go into space.

Lynx is offering the opportunity to go on board with Russian Cosmonauts.  They are looking for 4 people who will compete for the chance.  Each person must be at least 21 and be in good health.

Here is what Buzz Aldrin says:

‘I’m thrilled that Lynx is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I’ve encountered in space.’

Top-voted candidates will qualify for the Lynx Space Academy challenge weekend, held this summer, where they will face physical and mental NASA-style tests

I am going to start building a test pad at my location.  I found a company ( Affordable Asphalt ) to pave the area.  I am going to need only 60,000 square feet to launch my rocket.  I currently have only my “bedroom”, so if anyone has the rest of the land, let me know please.

It’s coming our way… One big rock.




Next time it just might be a close up you wont be able to avoid….

This rock has a 2.7% chance of hitting earth in 2029.  Yep, that’s right.  April of 2029.  You have a better chance of getting hit by an asteroid than getting struck by lighting or winning the lottery.

This rock was discovered in 2004 and will pass earth in Jan 2013.

While scientist disagree on how close it will come, take heed.  It is over 1000 feet wide and will pass a mere 9.3 million miles from earth tonight.

If there is an planet killer out there.  This might be it.

Grab a telescope or watch a free webcast online of the show.