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Something went BOOM! up there… And “they” don’t know what it is.

California Stargazer Elijah Prychodzko

This is what he caught on his cell phone video camera, get this recording through his telescope.   I have checked all the charts I know,  and this is new to the area.  Everyone who has seen this agrees, it looks like something up there exploded.  The question is…  What?
This is in the same State of California, where that mysterious com trail was spotted off the coast a couple of years ago.  Could it be what ever went up, crashed on re-entry?  If so, what was it?, where did it go?,  What was it bring back?
Lastly.  Who or what destroyed it on re-entry if that was the case?  Where did the debris go? I have not checked into any military exercises in the area at that time.

What are your thoughts?